Saturday, 12 May 2012


I am not a child from the 60s
I wish I am,
I wish I met Azikiwe,
Shook hands with Balewa,
Or sat in the office of Awolowo,
One has to admit,
Nigeria was very good back then,
Those years from the 60s to the 80s,
Are the best yet in her history,
Well, maybe some parts of the 90s,
I am an 80s baby so I witnessed some goodies,
I know what 50 kobo looks like,
I felt it, I spent it,
I know what it felt like to have constant electricity,
Television programs that only began at 4pm weekdays,
I enjoyed the wonders of tales by moonlight,
The checkmates and behind the clouds,
I know what it was like to travel from the island to the mainland,
Over the bridge, even when it was the darkest of nights,
Without fear of robbers, muggers or thieves,
Flights were on time, roads had less potholes
I remember the days of cabin biscuits and disco,
Developing healthcare resources,
Great educational standards,
Yes, I witnessed that time,

Today, I have deep palpitations about my beloved country,
It's future scares me,
Corruption forced Nigeria to bed,
Raped her of the best times and bore misery,
The people are hungry physically and mentaly,
The growth of Nigeria is in rapid decline,
Now we carry bombs in cars,
Terrorize communities,
Tribalistic and divided,
Kill the innocent,
Steal from the poor,
Oppress the needy,
Roads are death traps,
Diseases on the rise,
Hope losing,
Nigeria is failing ,
Before our eyes.

Arise O compatriots,
Nigeria needs us more than ever,
Do your best by being the best,
Kick corruption to the kerb,
Embrace unity,
Let us make it work,
Yes we can,
Yes we should,
Yes we will,
We can become the nation of nations,
The Giant of Africa that we are,
Let us change our mentality,
Not just our entertainment,
Let us revive the economy,
Less greed, less selfishness,
Let our children have positive stories
about out beloved country,
Let us restore her beauty.


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dear Son

I watched you take your first step today,
Oh what an amazing moment it was,
A step forward and another step forward,
You had an incredible smile on your cute face,
I had joy in my heart,
You fell forward as you lost your balance,
I was there to catch you in my arms,
I cuddled you tight and threw you up in the air,
You always like it when I do that,
Your cheeky smile revealed your two milk teeth,
You are such a huge blessing.

After a while you wanted to take another step,
See son,
That is the wonderful thing about you,
You have taught me so many things in life,
You taught me never to give up,
I remember when you tried to sit up,
Your Granma didn't think you were ready,
She might have under-estimated your zeal,
With a smile on your face,
You sat up and even had Mr Cuddle in your hands
while sitting about being so SUPER

You are an amazing gift from God,
One that I will cherish for ever and ever,
You came at a time when I needed to feel God,
I asked for companionship,
God designed my own Angel,
You show me everyday,
God does exist,
The first time we met,
You had that smile in your face,
You didn't cry.....just gave me that smile,
You brought me joy,
And you still bring me joy.

I look forward to life with you,
God gave you to me to help nurture,
You have shown me more things than ever,
So while you grow,
I will grow with you,
I will be there to catch the ball when you throw it,
At your first day at school, I will hug you and wish you well,
I will be there when you need to be set straight,
I will commend everything you do and help build your dreams,
I will also teach you what you have taught me,

Lots of Love


Friday, 4 May 2012


Never Give up

Pain is only temporary,
it may last for a minute, an hour or even a whole year,
It will eventually go

Be the best.
Be Possible


(note to self)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Sex is a yearning to connect with another soul,
Having one's inner most desires met,
Sex is beautiful,
Fulfilling and spiritual.

Sex is powerful and priceless,
The ultimate and most intimate exchange
of physical, mental
and emotional pleasure.

now substitute the word 'SEX' for 'LOVE'


Friday, 20 April 2012


I have decided to take blogging seriously now. I will do my best to blogg at least 4/5 times a week.

Let's see how that goes.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Inspired by a broken heart.

It is so hard to let go
Holding on to the pain
The hurt serves as a reminder,
A facade harbouring the vulnerability,
Never again, you say over again,
Trust has no value,
Numb but breathing soul,
Merely existing, living in the covers,
Broken heart was the result,
But you shatter it repeatedly,
The sun shines,
You can’t see it though,
Blinded by the misery,
Abuse tightly embraced,
When it rains,
It breaks the earth,
This bears life,
The earth gets stronger,
When the heart breaks,
Celebrate the breakage,
For it means one thing,
It will soon inhabit real love,
The heart breaks to get stronger,
For real love is tender,
Let the pain go,
Let your light shine through.


for the broken.....let your light shine through